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Manga Madness – Feb

Date: 16-26th

  1. Sports
  2. Otaku Culture
  3. Set Outside Japan
  4. Oldest Manga in my Collection
  5. Been Adapted into an Live Action!

Mangathon TBR Jan 2019

Yup here’s another TBR this one starts tomorrow! Its the Mangathon and it goes for Jan 21-27. Located here:


I’m doing 2 Bingos…

Tier 1:

  1. Snow: Millennium Snow v.1
  2. New Genre: Good Enough for Me
  3. Buddy read: My Hero Academia v.1 (@andreea98219435)
  4. Popular: DN Angel v.1
  5. Shonen: Kampfer v.1


Tier 2:

  1. Friend’s fav: Assassination Classroom v.1 (@andreea98219435)
  2. Read and Snack: Mixed Vegetables v.1
  3. Fantasy: Someday’s Dreamers v.1
  4. Anime: No.6 v.1
  5. New Genre: Caramel



Disneyathon Round 2

This is my TBR for a Readathon I created and host with @tbookishfairy

It runs the whole month of Feb and this round’s theme is Valentine’s or Love. So I’ll list the challenges and what I pick with pictures below. Hopefully I get all these done!

Group Book: Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by: Julie C. Dao

Group Movie: Mulan


  1. Love is an Open Door (Frozen): Read a book with a pink cover. For My Cherry Blossom by: Kikka Furutsuji
  2. Kiss the Girl (The Little Mermaid): Read a Romance that is under 250 pages. Caramel by: Puku Okuyama
  3. Touch the Sky (Brave): Read a book where the MC wants to change themselves. This One Summer by: Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
  4. Reflections (Mulan): Look in the Mirror, there is another one of you. Read a book with twins. Ouran High School Host Club volume 1 by: Bisco Hatori


The Art of Unhauling…

The Art of Unhauling…
So I made a plan since I only really have 1 book shelf and a heck of a lot of piles and boxes is that I will be unhauling a few- which I know hurts and sucks but what the heck- I’m crazy I know. So my guidelines to to go thru arcs (which I will be handing them over to a teacher who lives a couple houses up on my street) a few middle grade might go to a parent, my neighbor next door who home schools her kids… nice family! And lastly sell to the second-hand store. Though the last two will not be arcs, those are final copies- don’t worry. So your asking me now how will I let them go, well I’ll tell you… If I have these books for over a year and haven’t even thought to read them over that time them go into the box… and if I get a feeling to read them in the future… my library and kindle will be a savior. Because I have too much stuff. (also getting rid of a lot of clothing, goodwill or arc… so yup) I will be more picking with the books I buy even at second-hand stores this year so I can read physical copies I have. And also my TBR will be of physical copies of books for a bit unless its earcs or manga/graphic novels/ comics. I also have a few audiobooks I need to get through also (coughs) Timekeeper and Chainbreaker. (sighs) so yes I have a few pictures for this part one of unhauling and getting my room cleaner goal!

HP Readalong 2019

I just joined the HP readalong for 2019!

#Potterheadreadalong19 on twitter…

How to earn those pts each month for your house… btw I’m a Hufflepuff!

How to gain House points:
1. We’ll have a form for you to update your House points (keep track of them)
2. At the end of each month you can either update it yourself or send me an email with the points and I’ll add them.
3, Answer quizzes correctly will earn you 5 points
4. Pictures taken for the #Potterheadreadalong19 will earn you 5 points
5. Reviewing a Harry Potter bookfor the read along will earn you 5 points
6. Sharing the read along tweet will earn you 5 points
7. Complete a Harry Potter book will earn you 10 points
8. Each Harry Potter movie you watch will earn you 3 points





Date: Jan 1-7th

Twitter: #newyearsathon  Insta: @newyearsathon


  1. Read a 5 star Prediction… Slayer
  2. Read a book you meant to read in 2018… Ash Princess
  3. Pick the 12th, 19th, 20th,39th on your tbr and then choose a random from there… Ash Princess
  4. Read a Book which will be adapted in 2019…??
  5. Pick one listed… Donna… read at night.
  6. Complete 2 challenges