Monthly Archives: December 2018

Late-a-thon TBRĀ 



Jan 1 thru the 31th
So the tbr for this readathon will be as followed…

1. Lies you never told me

2. Ash Princess

3. Sky in the deep

4. Anne Arrives

5. Ruthless Magic

6. I Have Lost my Way

7. From the Earth to the shadows

8. Tess of the Road

Now I might not get thru all of these but they are arcs that are older than 3 months on netgalley and I would like to try… Read and review them soon!


Jan 2019

I’ll be doing about 5 readathons this coming month. Tome Infinity. NewYearsathon. Lateathon. January jam jar. 24in48. And Kpopathon I hope so I guess it’s 6. Also starting a new adult fantasy and sci-fi book reading club on Twitter at the hashtag #AdultBClub which has a poll on it right now. I also have a readalong of Shatter Me and Destroy Me. The tbrs will be posted soon!